White Horn Kratom Strain


Ingridients: 100% Mitragyna Speciosa



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  • White Horn is another favorite because of its energetic qualities. The energetic qualities are more subtle than White Maeng Da which makes it perfect for those who are looking for long lasting energy and euphoria. The name “Horned†comes from the shape of the leaf on the plant.
  • The white Horn Kratom is one of the rarest Kratom strains. It, therefore, follows that you probably do not know the origin, dosage or the effects of this Kratom. If you are a new user, horned Kratom is a new type of traditional Mitragyna speciosa tree that has some particular benefits to its users. For instance, most users depend on the horned Kratom to boost their energy levels. Here, we look at the origin, dosage, and effects of this strain.

The Origin:


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